Seven Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down

Let’s face it. Special needs parenting is not for wimps. On any given day, we can be puked on, spit on, and yelled at by our loving and adorable children. And if that weren’t enough, there’s the outside world to deal with. There’s IEPs, insurance companies, teachers, therapists, nurses, doctors, siblings, and pretty much anyone else that’s in our path when we are dealing with any of the above.

How do we do all of this on a daily basis and muster a smile? Some days it’s easy, other days, not so much. How then, can we find joy when we are juggling too many things and our little ship feels like it’s sinking fast?

Here are a few things you can do. (Thanks, MaryEllen and Kevin!)

  1. Put an octopus on your head. IMG_0457
  2. Smell the flowers.IMG_0873
  3. Put your feet up for a little while.IMG_0472
  4. Spill some milk. IMG_0337
  5. Hug a puppy. IMG_0030
  6. Balance some nuts on your head.IMG_0758
  7. Drape birthday tissue paper across your face. Over and over. And over.

Image-1 2

Sometimes the littlest things can bring an unexpected smile.

It is important though, that we smile even when it feels impossible. Our children deserve it. Just like our hearts light up when our children are happy, so do theirs when they see our joy. And if they can’t see it, they most certainly can feel it. And when you share it, it multiplies.

Feel better?

What do you do to bring on some smiles?

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