An Open Letter To Dr. David Samadi of Fox News


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Dear Dr. Samadi,

I was watching your show, Sunday Housecall, on Fox News today. The subject turned to the Zika virus. As you discussed the virus and how it can affect unborn children, you said that deciding what to do (with the pregnancy) is a family decision but “life with microcephaly is a disaster.”

As a mother with two children who have microcephaly, I take issue with this. First, it is far from a disaster. Second, from what I can tell, you do not have microcephaly and from your comments, I am pretty sure you don’t have children with it.

Where then, do you get this opinion that life with microcephaly is a disaster? And what is a ‘disaster’, anyway? Do people with microcephaly have a disastrous life because they are disabled? I am pretty sure that’s not what you meant.

If you said it because you are a doctor, then you should know better. Your words carry weight, Sir, and certainly, as a medical doctor on television, you should choose your words carefully. Many people are listening and trusting you.  It may be your opinion that life with microcephaly is a disaster but is it a fact? If not, then you shouldn’t be misleading people in such a terrible way.

Let me tell you about my two children with microcephaly. They are wonderful young adults. They were born with an extremely rare genetic condition and as a result, have microcephaly. What I would like you (and the world) to know, is that their lives are far from a disaster. I stress this highly when I say this, Sir: My children are happy.

You may think that their life is a ‘disaster’ but that is your perspective.  My children certainly don’t feel this way and I am sure that people who actually have or live with microcephaly would agree. Their lives are certainly worth living and far from being a disaster.

Did you know, Dr. Samadi, that many children that have microcephaly are only mildly affected? Did you say that on the show today? Instead, you misled your listeners. You left them with the idea in their heads that having a child with microcephaly is awful. It would have been quite respectable to say that there are varying degrees of microcephaly and if someone is concerned, they should speak with their private doctor.

As the mother of two children with disabilities, I always try to dispel the notion that my children’s lives are worth less than people without disabilities. It’s not easy when people call their lives a disaster, Dr. Samadi. Please, don’t be a part of this problem. You, as a medical professional, should know better.

Thank you,

A Loving Mom





9 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Dr. David Samadi of Fox News

  1. Very profound words from an ‘expert’. Someone who has far one life experience of the condition than any doctor. It is evident that the children’s lives are devalued by societal expecton rather than their happiness and accomplishments. Well said mom.xx

  2. Thank you I have two children with microcephaly and my oldest has other issues but I love them so much and they are very happy kids.

  3. Amen, only those who have a disease or are handicapped, and those who love & care for them, no what their life is really like. Those who have never had the disease, etc., have no business telling others how to deal with it & need to keep their opinion to themselves.

  4. My son is 21 mos and has microcephaly along with other conditions, and although he may be developmentally delayed he is still a happy child that is given every opportunity to shine and show his individuality. My son is more well behaved then some of the children without microcephaly. When I was pregnant with my son I was told that he has microcephaly and that I needed to make a decision before it was too late. That was coming from a dr. That didn’t know much about microcephaly. So I made the only decision there was to be the proud mother to one beautiful little boy who is the light of my life.

  5. My sweet granddaughter has microcephaly as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome. That was her first diagnosis. Several more followed. Should her life not count for anything? According to your standards, the answer would be, ” no,” but I consider my life blessed every time I see her sweet smile. Think before you speak, doctor.

  6. Dr. Samadi. I find your statements to be contrary to your oath of “first do no harm”. Aborting a child just because he/she’s not perfect is unconscionable. I had a grandfather, and have a sister, son, and two grandchildren with micro and their lives were/are far from a disaster. If as a doctor, you’re going to comment on a medical condition, the least you can do is know the facts about it.

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