Plot Twist!

When we had our first child, life was perfect. We lived day-to-day skipping lightly through the smiles and joys of babyhood. Katie was beautiful. She was a delight and we were in love.  She had bright blue eyes, or green or hazel, dependinIMG_0065 (1)g on the day.  As a newborn, she slept through the night and she was content when awake. It was a lovely honeymoon getting to know our little girl.

MaryEllen came along just before Katie turned two and Kevin arrived a year later. I was busy but enjoyed mothering those three littles! Doctors’ appointments and therapies filled our days. In the cobwebbed attic of my memories, bottles and diapers were strewn about a very cluttered house.  MaryEllen and Kevin required a great deal of care and the wonder of motherhood faded into the busyness of our days.

The years flew by quickly and we settled into our version of normalcy. Katie kept us busy with school and after school activities and MaryEllen and Kevin were doing well.

We yearned for another child but were afraid to try. The fleeting thoughts of adoption began to tug at our hearts daily. We filled out the applications and prayed for a miracle.  “We will reconsider your application when your disabled kids live somewhere else,” we were told.  Time and time again, we were turned down. Although we wanted more children, leaving MaryEllen and Kevin ‘somewhere else’ was not an option.

As is always the case, God haspics 016 (1) bigger and better plans.

Two years later and out of the blue, we learned of a birth mother that would not be able to care for her soon-to-be-born baby. Through her selfless act, we became parents again! We were immersed in baby bliss. We loved getting to know our  ‘Sweet Baby James’. Through the miracle of adoption, God had many miracles in store for us.  We experienced the wonder of baby development! Everything James did amazed us! Eye contact was a miracle. Picking up and holding a toy? It was amazing! Holding up his head? Wow!! Splashing water in the tub? Incredible!

When Katie did those things, it was expected. MaryEllen and Kevin taught us to appreciate small gains. James showed us the wonder of it all. We came full circle. Our family was complete and we were blessed.

We got to experience through God’s eyes, the miracle of life.


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