Not Just a Nurse, Joy Behar

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins,  cohosts of The View recently caused a stir with their ignorant comments about Kelly Johnson, a registered nurse and the Miss Colorado contestant in The Miss America Pageant.

While some people may enjoy the banter The View seems to offer, I never found the good that the show provides. To me, it is an hour-long fest of ladies bashing everyone and everything. Instead of emphasizing and promoting the good in others, this show puts bullying women on a pedestal while they spew their anger for all the world to see.

So, this is for you, Joy Behar and Michelle Collins. Let me enlighten you about nurses.

My children have required nursing care their entire lives. They are 28 and 27 years old and have far outlived their bleak prognosis thanks to dedicated nurses.

Who was it that calmed this frightened mother while her son’s temperature climbed to 105? His little body was shaking and seizing and his breathing was erratic. While caring for him, she reassured me.

It was a nurse.

Who was it that cared for my little boy in the back of our van while I drove to the hospital? I was a wreck that day, you know. He wasn’t breathing well and his vital signs were not good.

It was a nurse.

Who was it that saw me in the halls of the Pediatric ICU looking lost and hopeless? She went out of her way that day to get me a snack from the snack machine. It was a gesture I will never forget. She offered me a snack and her heart.

It was a nurse.

Who was it that saw my daughter lying in bed after an EEG and came in to give her the best hair wash ever? Nurses are stretched so thin these days, and she took the time to get that glue out of every strand of MaryEllen’s thick and wavy hair. I knew by the look on MaryEllen’s face that it really was the best hair wash ever.

It was a nurse.

Who was it that stayed with my husband and me while our son  was evaluated by the ICU team? Our little boy needed IVs and central lines and medication to keep his blood pressure up, (in other words, to stay alive) and she stayed with us to explain, reassure and most of all comfort very fearful parents. She could have easily left us alone in the hallway that night, yet, instead of going home at the end of her shift, she stayed with us until our little boy was stable.

It was a nurse.

Who was it that I called for in the ICU when MaryEllen’s pulse ox was dropping or Kevin’s body was ravaged with seizures?

It was a nurse.

Who is it that walks into our home willing to care for my children and doesn’t run the other way? They see my children first, then the medical chaos of the room. I know how overwhelming it looks, believe me!

It’s  nurses.

Who was it that ran into our room in the Pediatric ICU while my daughter was crashing and as if it was nothing, saved her life? Time and time again?

It was nurses, Joy Behar.  NURSES.

I could go on and on. Without nurses, my children wouldn’t be here. Plain and simple.

Nurses are more than just someone wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope”.  Take a walk through a Pediatric ICU and see for yourselves. Nurses are the heart and soul of caregiving.

It takes a special person to be a nurse.

Can you say that about your profession Michelle Collins and Joy Behar?

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