Girls Love Moms and Boys Love Massage Chairs

Since the kids stopped going to school at 21, we lead a very low-key life. We went from a crazy, do everything by 7:30 am to get on the bus kind of schedule to a very laid back one.  Days filled with every kind of therapy combined with classroom and group learning was very tiring! Both kids were never big fans of any kind of therapy. ‘Hand over hand’ was a punishment in every way. They hated hand braces, leg braces and foot braces. We persevered though and now they have earned their fun time!Image-1

We live in the land of no braces… And just a teeny bit of therapy.

It is perpetual summer here. Not literally speaking, of course, but in kidspeak, it’s summer, all day every day! Sleep in till 11? No problem! Watch a day full of princess movies? Heck yeah!  Read every gossip magazine from front to back? Yep! How about a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood? Yes, yes, yes!

Our most difficult decisions include choosing between Netflix and Hulu or Pandora and Spotify.

Every day is the same: No demands! Our goal is to be happy and smile each and every day.

So, if you happen to see us out in the world, please don’t feel sorry for the kids or pity us.  Afterall, we are living the good life!





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